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It all begins with Faith…

Yvette Salinas was diagnosed with Lupus SLE, a life-threatening autoimmune disease that had already claimed the lives of 2 family members. Facing a barrage of health, financial and family crisis’ it was her Aunt’s last words that would remind her to, “Never give-up on yourself - and most of all on God.” Yvette’s incredible story of healing and God’s unchanging love unfold in her story as Faith Leads the Way through many acts of kindness, visions, and miracles.


All book proceeds of Faith Leads the Way benefits Juicy Fruits Ministry.

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Faith Leads the Way Book Reviews

Faith Leads the Way is a true example of the power of faith. It will restore your trust in God and remind you that miracles do exist! - Felicia Reynolds | Fullerton, CA

Faith leads the way is a life changing, motivating and inspiring story. Strength and perseverance are shown throughout each struggle. Yvette’s story will have you in awe of God’s miraculous works. A great read!             - Andrea Alfaro | Ontario, CA

Yvette was monumental in the lives of my husband and myself during some of the hardest times in our lives. She’s always reminded us that faith will get us through. I’m so proud of her and happy that others will be encouraged by her strength and testimony. Faith Leads the Way is such an inspirational book. Lives will definitely be changed. - Nancy Gonzales | Menifee, CA

Faith leads the Way is an uplifting story of a Godly woman’s journey through illness and adversity. Her life has touched not only my life, but my entire family in so many ways.    - Rebecca McGuire | Buena Park, CA

Faith Leads the Way is about how one picks themselves up and continues to fight. Yvette was able to demonstrate that by her own challenges in life. Being a cancer and lupus survivor, I was able to see firsthand her walk with the Lord and she showed me how to be a woman of strength and perseverance.                              - Caroline Lobito | Fullerton, CA

I have seen Yvette at her worst (physically) and have witnessed God healing and making her whole. I know that God is not done with her yet! She has so many stories to tell, what God has done in and through her. As you read Faith Leads the Way you will be inspired to walk with the Lord, to be His hands and His feet and above all, to hear His voice as faith leads you, too! - Gina Filippini | Cerritos, CA