About the Author, Yvette Salinas

Yvette Salinas is born and raised in Southern California. She holds a Bachelor of Theological Studies from Vision International University, is a graduate of Good Shepherd Ministries International School of Ministry, as well as Cottonwood Christian Center School of Ministry. She is the founder of the faith-based outreach, Juicy Fruits Ministry, dedicated to strengthening and supporting families through biblical inspired mentoring, support group meetings, and personal counsel. Collaborating with other nonprofit organizations to help support families who need assistance such as: food drive donations, first aid supplies, clothing, education, healthy family ministries, recreational programs and officiate services.

Yvette Salinas is a 25-year Lupus SLE, Thyroid Cancer, and Kidney Disease Survivor. Her story, printed in 2016 by Square Tree Publishing, titled “Faith Leads the Way” features personal experiences of overcoming the effects and challenges of Lupus SLE, Chronic Illness and Financial Crisis.

Yvette is currently serving as a Lupus Foundation of America support group facilitator and co-facilitator for chronically ill patients through Optum Care Medical Group with her Internal Medicine physician of 25 years, Dr. Donna Frisch.

In the 2021 New Year, Yvette will be launching a biblically based support group “Spiritual Medicine” through her non-profit organization, Juicy Fruits Ministry.

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